Orchid Care

Φροντίδα Ορχιδέας


Orchids need bright light to produce blooms. However, direct sun can burn them. Opt for bright, indirect light from a south- or east-facing window. Prefer a south or east facing spot.


Orchids typically need water twice a week in the warmer months when the plant is actively growing and only once a week in the colder months. Use room-temperature water, and water slowly until it flows out of the pot’s drainage openings.

Orchids need to dry out between waterings to prevent rot.

One way to tell whether it’s time to water is to, look at the roots themselves: if they’re plump and white or green, that means they’re well-watered. If they’re shriveled and gray, they need water.

Temperature and Humidity

Orchids do best in ranges between 15-23oC. They prefer humidity levels from around 40% to 70%. You can keep an orchid blooming longer, if you provide a warm and somewhat humid environment.


Use an orchid-specific fertilizer twice a month from March till October, especially when the plant is without blooms. Don’t fertilize in the winter.

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